Pedigree Sindy in 1976 and 1977


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Basic Sindy for 1976

1976 Basic Sindy. This doll is not published in the catalogues. But many boxed examples of these dolls have been found. She is made with the new bendable legs and (leftover?) straight arms. She is sold either as Funtime Sindy with long hair tied in a bun or as a bride. Her markings are 033055X on the head and HONG KONG on her back below the waist. Hair colours are blond, ash blond, bronze, fiery red and dark brunette



Funtime 1976

The 1976 Funtime Sindy is totally new. She has bendable legs with clicking knee joints like Lovely lively Sindy.  Her arms do not bend. Her hair is short and curly and is parted in the middle.  She comes in 2 shades of blond, ash blond and white blond. Her make-up is quite soft, she has no blush and orangey lips Her body is unmarked, her  head is marked  033055X    .

This doll is also found with brunette or auburn hair but those are so uncommon that they might have been UK issued only


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Lovely lively 1976


1976 Lovely Lively sindy now has her arms attached by simple hooks on an elastic and the pins in the shoulders have disappeared. Her hair is slightly shorter and her head is marked 033055X but for the rest she remains the same as last year. She is marked MADE IN HONG KONG on her body, has a twist waist, a head on a ball joint, jointed knees and bendable elbows. Her hands can turn round completely. Her hair is loose in a flip, the colours are dark brunette, auburn and blond. She is 28cms tall. This is the last Lovely lively Sindy made.


1977 Superstar Sindy

77 Super Star. Super star is an Active Sindy. She has last years body with rivets in the shoulders and a cup waist. Her head is marked 033055X. Available in blond and brunette and maybe as a redhead though I have never seen one. This doll is hard to find.

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1977 Basic Sindy

77 Basic Sindy. In 1977 basic Sindy has a head and arms made of a new vinyl. The head is soft now and easily removable the arms are soft and pliable but cannot pose. The colour of the vinyl is much lighter, almost translucent on the arms. Sindy still has a high colour make-up with blush and her head is still marked 033055X only. Her body is marked Hong Kong below her waist. Her hair is dressed in a chignon and the hair colours are blond, ash blond, copper, red, dark brunette and black. This body is used for the Weekender Sindy, the Funtime Sindy and the Royal Occasion Sindy. Last years models with hard  head and arms are still used, dressed in this years clothes.


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1977 active Sindy

1977 Ballerina This doll is made with new arms that do not have rivets but are simply hooked on an elastic inside. Some dolls still have the 3 part waist some not, which makes things confusing but Pedigree wasn't aware they were making collector's items! Markings are 033055X on the (hard) head and Made in Hong Kong on the body.
Hair colours blond, red and brunette




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