Pedigree Sindy in 1978 and 1979

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close up of head and cut  down smaller neck knob

Sweet Dreams Sindy 1978 till 1980

New in 1978 was Sweet Dreams Sindy with sleep eyes. This doll was very attractively advertised in the booklets but the actual doll looked rather weird. She has no painted lashes like all other Sindy and this gives her a hollow eyed look. The doll has a basic body with a smaller head knob to accommodate the eyes inside the head. She comes either as a brunette or a blond, her hair styled in a bun. The markings on her head are 033390/ 17 or 39 or possibly another number, the body is marked Hong Kong. The doll remains the same in 1979 and 1980 but is differently dressed. A ( European issue) variation on this doll has big dark sleep eyes and painted lashes but still doesn't look very pretty. The Sweet Dreams Sindy was never very popular and many boxed examples are still around.



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This is the European version of the sleep eyed sindy. Notice that she has painted lashes

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1978 Basic Sindy

In 1978 the Basic Sindy is the same as last year but her high colour make-up with blush and red lips has now changed and Sindy is getting paler with no more blush and she gets pink lips. The heads and arms are made of soft vinyl, the legs bend with clicks. Her markings are 033055X on the head and Hong Kong on the back. In 1978 there was a Funtime Sindy and a weekender again, wearing different clothes and a Nurse who was new but they all they all have the same basic body.


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1978 Active Sindy

1978  Ballerina is the same as 1977: Markings are 033055X on the (hard) head and Made in Hong Kong on the body. Hair colours blond, red and brunette.




In 1979 Sindy gets a new head mold, it is marked 2 GEN 1077 and 033055X underneath. The head is made of soft vinyl and has a slightly wider jaw. The soft make-up and the pink lips are the biggest difference. The hair  is still styled ballerina style, in blond, brunette and red. Red haired dolls are used less and less in the booklets and advertisements but are still made and sold.


1979 Active Sindy
Active Sindy has new, hinged hands, much sturdier then the former ball jointed hands. She has the new head mold but remains otherwise the same, with bending elbows, knees and ankles, double head joint and single waist joint. Her body is still marked  Made in Hong Kong. She is 28cms, 11 inches tall and available as a blond, redhead or  brunette.


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basic sindy 1979
Basic Sindy has different, flatter hands with floppy fingers, an y shape  in the palms. Her hips are wider as the legs do not fit their holes properly and so stick out. The doll is used for this years Funtime and Majorette doll and 1980's Funtime and Summertime Fun Sindy.


Sindy with bunches 1979
A variation on the basic Sindy is the doll with the side bunches. Her hair is implanted in a centre part from her forehead to the nape of the neck. The bunches were tied by ribbons. Head markings are difficult to read and vary,
some dolls are not marked at all on the head. This head is used for 1979 Keep Fit Sindy but is found on Funtime's as well.

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