Sindy's boyfriend Paul

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Pictures are copyright © Hilmar Bonda and Jolanda Graaf 2005

copyright ©Hilmar Bonda 2005

Paul 1965

The first Paul was made in 1965 he has molded hair that is painted brown. His eyes are hazel and his lips are painted a soft flesh colour. The first Paul was made in England but is unmarked. His height is 12 1/4 inch or 31 cm and he has bendable arms and legs ( with a wire inside). 



Hong Kong Paul 1966
 In 1966 Paul is made in Hong Kong and is marked that way across his
 shoulders. He is very similar to First Paul but this ones face is more narrow, which gives him a  different look.


copyright ©Hilmar Bonda 2005



copyright ©Hilmar Bonda 2005

Miniature Paul 1967

Miniature Paul is from 1967  He is much shorter than the first Paul doll. He is almost 11 1/2 inches or 29cms in height. His torso is marked made in Hong Kong and his arms and legs are hard plastic and do not bend.  Paul's head is much smaller and has a higher colour ( blush), his lips are an orangey shade. This doll is very pink in colour, the head tends to wobble and the arms and legs do not fit very well into the torso. Few clothes fit this Paul well but he looks nice in shorts.




1966 and 1967 Paul shown together so you can compare the differences in each doll.


copyright ©Hilmar Bonda 2005




copyright ©Hilmar Bonda 2005

Paul from 1968

In 1968 Paul was made with rooted hair in chestnut brown. The last Paul made is marked Made in Hong Kong on his neck and his torso is unmarked. His limbs and body are the same as first Paul. The torso's of the 1968 Paul tends to turn ochre with age. The doll we have chosen to show here is a very good example of this.







Paul from 1987

Paul disappeared for a long time but in 1987 Hasbro brought him back. He was made for 2 years. Paul has brownish hair, blue eyes and a tanned skin. He has bendable legs and is 29,5cms tall. He is marked Hasbro 1987 on his lower back (butt)

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