Sindy from 1970 until 1973 

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1970 Centrepart

In 1970 Sindy changed a little, The first new doll in the 1970s had a Centre parting in her hair instead of a side parting like the earlier doll, but  her size and markings remain the same as the dolls from earlier years . She is known as a Sindy centrepart amongst collectors today.



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1971 Trendy Girl

New in 1971 is Sindy's head. It can now turn 360 degrees on a neck knob which gives her a more natural appearance. The head is marked 033055X. Sindy is now advertised as Trendy girl.  Trendy girl is one of the favorite Sindy dolls for collectors. She has a sweet high colour face, very long stick-in lashes and has lovely long hair in a flip hair style. For the first time more shades of hair are available, blond, ash-blond that is sometimes almost grey, auburn, copper, chestnut and dark brunette. Sindy is marked 033029 on her shoulders and 033030 on her bottom. She has a twist waist and pose able legs (with a wire inside), her arms do not pose. She is almost 11 inches or 28cms tall. Trendy girl was sold until 1974, during these years she is also sold with rubber bending legs, these dolls have unsightly holes in their feet near their ankles but are otherwise the same.

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1971 lovely lively

The First Lovely Lively 1971 Sindy has changed a lot, she can now bend her arms and knees and turn her head 360 degrees. Her head is no longer attached to her neck but sits on a neck knob that is attached to her body. This Sindy is called Gauntlet Sindy by collectors because of the gauntlet shaped underarms. The under arms are made of a soft rubber and the torso and upper arms of vinyl. The legs are rubber too and have knees that bend and click twice. Sindy is much slimmer and almost flat chested now. She is marked on her head: 033055X, and on her shoulders: E Made in Hong Kong. She still has the spiky lashes that are stuck in and a high colour make-up. She is 30cms tall ( 12 inches) and has either white blond, soft red or dark brunette hair.



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1972 Walking Trendy girl 

 The 1972 Walking Trendy girl, sold as Walking Sindy 12WS1 is nearly the same as the former Walking dolls, the only difference is that she now has the freely turning Trendy girl head (033055X) on the neck knob, Sindy has no markings on her torso. She is 29cms tall ( 11 1/2 inch), has rubber legs with bendable knees but not with clicking knee joints, a twist waist and is available as dark brunette, redhead or blond.


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1973 Lovely Lively

In 1973 Lovely Lively Sindy has changed a little, the biggest difference is that her lashes are now sewn in and very thick. The head mold has been used so much that the first 2 numbers have rubbed off, she now has  3055X on her head. The markings on her shoulders are now Made in Hong Kong and a P under that. Her torso and upper arms
are of a harder vinyl/ plastic and the crotch is slightly different, while first LL 's is flat, the second one has an indented Y shape. Size, legs and hair colours remain the same


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1971 and 1973 Lovely Lively

Both lovely Lively dolls from 71 and 73 shown side by side so that you can see the difference in the lower torso.

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1973 Funtime

From 1973 onwards Pedigree produces a "Funtime" Sindy for a low price every year. This doll changes every year but is always a basic doll often produced as a blond only. The 1973 Funtime is often mistaken for a Trendygirl but the Funtime does not have a twist waist she was made as a blond only and often has shorter arms then a Trendy girl. Her head is marked 033055X and has sewn in lashes. Her body is marked O.D. MADE IN HONG KONG. Her legs pose and she is 11 inch or 28 cms tall.


Miniature Funtime

This doll was also made as a miniature. The doll has the same look but has a very hard vinyl head, arms and legs and they do not pose. The face is very high colour and her
markings are O.D. MADE IN HONG KONG on both body and head and ..3055X on the head ( should be 033055X but the first 2 digits are no longer readable)  and she is 26cms tall


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