1960s and 1970s Sindy in her original outfits

including Patch, Paul and the Sindy family


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1960s Weekenders

1960s Paul in Casuals 1960s Patch in Dungarees 1968 Fashion Girl

1969 Evening Stroll


1969 Walking Sindy

1970 Mininskirt 1970 Sunshine Girl 1970 Walking Sindy 1970 Walking Sindy


1971 Lovely Lively 1972 Lovely Lively 1972 Fashion Girl 1972 Trendy Girl 1972 Walking Trendy Girl


1973 Lovely Lively 1973 Funtime 1973 Lovely Lively 1973 Top Pop (cat pic) 1974 Funtime


1974 Super Sound (cat pic)

1974 Active

1974 Lovely Lively

1975 Pretty Pose

Vollendam approx1975 


1st MartinAir 1975 Approx MartinAir 1975 Approx

1975 Funtime

1975 / 1976 Lovely lively 1975 and 1976 Active


1976 Funtime 1976 Bride 1977 Funtime 1977 Superstar 1977 until 1984 Active


1977 Royal Occasion

1977 Weekender

1978 Funtime 1978 Gayle 1978 weekenders


1978 Sweet Dreams 1978 Marx Sindy 1979 Keeping Fit 

1979 Funtime

1979 Majorette 


1979 Sweet Dreams









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