1980 KLM

1980 KLM

1980 KLM Sindy. This Sindy came dressed in an authentic and detailed uniform worn by KLM stewardesses between aprrox. 1975 and 1981. It consist of a patterned white blouse, a long blue scarf printed with tiny white birds, a blue cotton skirt and a doublebreasted, collarless jacket. The jacket had a gold and blue paper wing as did the blue bubble hat. Sindy wore black bowfronted shoes and carried a blue shoulderbag with a silver buckle. This doll was sold only onboard on International KLM flights.
At the same time the Otto Simon Company sold a Fleur doll in the Dutch toyshops wearing this uniform. Both dolls weren't made in large numbers ( maybe both companies teamed up for this project as profit is made on larger numbers?) and so are rather hard to find. This doll was sold for about 2 years only.





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