Candy and Vivian dolls

in their original outfits




Candy with flip hair







 Candy with bubble cut





Candy with a ponytail

Candy Ponytail TNT doll .She has curly bangs and rooted hair around the edges leaving the centre bald, real eyelashes and two dimples

On her cheeks soft but firm arms and bend legs with wires in, and marked made in Hong Kong round her waist.

She is shown here in one of  her original outfits 

Vivian with a grow hair strand

This is Vivian she has short rooted hair but comes complete with hair plugs that plug into a hole in her crown. She has real eyelashes and dimples in her cheeks TNT waist and legs that bend with wire in them, she is marked made in Hong Kong.

She is shown here in an original Candy / Vivian outfit.





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