Barbie dolls

Vintage Titian ponytail number #5 Barbie from 1961. Dressed  in Vintage Evening Splendour #961. This outfit was made until 1964 and consists of  a sheath dress and matching coat in a gold lame fabric with pale blue lining and brown fur cuffs, matching fur hat with a pearl trim, brown OT  shoes, blue corduroy bag, white hanky and white gloves



Vintage brunette bubble cut Barbie from 1961 / 1966  dressed in a vintage Red flare #0939 outfit that consists of a red velvet coat with matching clutch bag and pillbox hat with a bow on the back and red OT shoes. She also is wearing a vintage Silken Flame outfit from 1962 /1965 that consists of a red velvet and white satin dress with a gold dimple belt, red OT shoes and red velvet clutch bag.


Vintage pony tail number #3 Barbie from 1960, Dressed in a repro version of Gay Parisienne consisting of a dress, hat with a face veil, navy OT shoes white fur stole and gloves, pearl necklace and a gold velvet clutch bag. The original vintage version of this outfit was made in 1959 for 1 year only.

Vintage 1964 Ponytail Swirl Barbie. Vintage outfit is Called Fancy Free # 943  from 1963 to 1964. The dress is blue and red with a white trim and is teamed up with white OT shoes.





Dark Brown Bubblecut from 1961 / 1966. Dressed in a vintage Sweater Girl outfit # 976 from 1959 / 1962. The outfit consists of an orange twin set with little gold buttons, a gray wool skirt, and black OT shoes. Her accessories are a knitting bowl, 3 balls of wool, knitting pins, scissors and a how to knit book.







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